Kitchen utensils vocabulary, worksheets, quiz, crosswword puzzle and pronunciation

Kitchen utensils vocabulary: Let’s start with a quiz. Can you answer the following questions as quickly as possible?

1. This utensil is used for crushing garlic cloves.


2. We use this when we want to make purée.


3. We use this utensil when we want to open a bottle of wine.


4. We use this utensil for dishing out spaghetti.


5. These are used for picking up food.


6. This utensil is used for whipping eggs.


7. This utensil is used for mixing, lifting and spreading different types of materials including food.


8. This spoon is used for serving a sweet and delicious treat.


9. This is used for removing the skin from a potato.


10. We use this object when we want to reduce food to small particles.


Question 1 of 10


Well done!

Most of the utensils are used in many people’ homes. What items from the quiz do you have in your house? Do you use them frequently?

Below are more kitchen utensils that can be used on a regular basis. Can you name the objects using the vocabulary on the right column? You can download the worksheet too.

Download worksheet: Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary Worksheet

Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary Worksheet Page 1 (Learn English With Africa): Describing a kitchen

The worksheet does not contain all the kitchen utensils that we can use daily or occasionally. What items can we add to the list?

What about listening to an audio clip in which all the words above have been pronounced? Practise too! Repeat the vocabulary aloud and pay attention to the main and secondary stresses.

You can also use the following  worksheet for more practice.

Download worksheet: Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary and Pronunciation

Now do the crossword puzzle so that you can memorise the new vocabulary better.

Kitchen Utensils Crossword Puzzle (Learn English With Africa worksheets) Adjectives for describing kitchen utensils

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