Big kitchen appliances vocabulary, games and worksheets

Big kitchen appliances vocabulary: Can you name the objects in the picture below?

Big Kitchen Appliances Photo

Most of the appliances are commonly used around the world. A few of them are difficult to guess though.

Try to do this quiz. It might give you a little help.

1. This kitchen appliance is very big and is used for preserving food at a cold temperature.


2. This appliance is used for warming up food.


3. This is a portable kitchen appliance that is used for heating and cooking food.


4. This is used for cooking meals.


5. What kitchen appliance can you use to make water moderately cold?


6. This is used for storing frozen foodstuffs.


7. We use this appliance for cleaning plates and other kitchen utensils.


8. This appliance is used for making wine colder.


9. This appliance is used for baking food or pottery.


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You can now watch the following video about the same topic:

You can also watch the same video without subtitles.

Below is a 3-page worksheet with vocabulary and exercises that will help you to memorise this kitchen equipment.

Worksheet to download: Big Kitchen Appliances: Vocabulary and Exercises (Pdf)

You will also find a Crossword Puzzle about Adjectives that you can use to describe big kitchen appliances.

Big Kitchen Appliances Crossword Puzzle: English worksheetPronunciation

It is also important to know how words are pronounced for better communication.

Practise your pronunciation below. Make sure your read the words aloud. Use this worksheet as a guide: Big Kitchen Appliances: Vocabulary and Exercises (Pdf)

You can also download the worksheet below to continue practising in your free time.

Worksheet to downloadBig Kitchen Appliances: Pronunciation Practice (Pdf)

Further study:

Most of these appliances are quite costly and energy-consuming. However, they make us save time and do not require a lot of labour on our part.

Here are a few tips on how to buy and maintain these products in the long run.