Adjectives for describing African houses

In this lesson, you will learn how to describe African houses by using different types of Adjectives.


Red African hut

  1. This hut is small.
  2. The colour of the house is beautiful.
  3. The door is tiny.
  4. The hut has a circular roof.
  5. The yard looks empty.

Some more useful Adjectives can be found below. Use a dictionary to check the meaning and pronunciation of the words you are not familiar with.

Adjectives for describing houses, Learn English With Africa, 2016-English Worksheets

Choose 10 Adjectives and use them to describe the house you live in. Why did you choose those Adjectives?

Can you find your house in the picture below? How can you describe it?

Types of Houses, Pictures and Vocabulary (Part 1), Learn English With Africa, January 2017-English Worksheets

This is another picture with more houses. What do you think of them?

Types of Houses, Pictures and Vocabulary (Part 2), Learn English With Africa, January 2017-English Worksheets

These houses come from different parts of the world. It is interesting to see how they all fit in their environment. Which house would you live in and why? (Don’t forget to use the Adjectives!)

After you have finished, we can have a look at the types of houses you will readily find in Africa.

Types of Houses in Africa, Pictures and Vocabulary, Learn English With Africa, December 2016-English Worksheets

Can you describe these houses? You can use the worksheet below for help.

You can make as many sentences as possible.

Be creative!

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