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Novels with Learn English With Africa.

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1) Salt No More, Level B1-B2 : $6,99. You can buy it here

Salt No More Book Cover, Learn English With Africa, August 2017-African NovelsPearson Chimaliro Manda is a retired Public Administrator and an aspiring Member of Parliament. He lives in Chalema Village where it is fashionable to be helpless.Pearson is a slave to greed and selfish ambition. His lust for victory transcends all barriers. A born fighter, he belongs to the United Populists’ Party (U.P.P). So far he has won most of his ruthless battles without compromising his pride and pleasures.

Emmanuel Mhone is an upstart lawyer who lands a lucrative job in France. He is married to Pearson’s daughter, Towera. The couple are at the centre stage of a family scandal whose consequences are far-reaching and will leave no one unscathed.

Pearson is a stranger to failure until he is caught up in this frightful storm. How does this proud man deal with such a blow that threatens to rip him apart?

ISBN: 978-83-948762-0-3

Date of publication: 27th August, 2017

Available formats: PDF, EPUB and MOBI