Intermediate short stories (A2 -B1)

Intermediate short stories (A2-B1)

These are Intermediate level short stories. They are longer and more challenging to read.

Each story has a Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary worksheet.

  1. The Decision: This is a story about a girl who is always being punished at school. One day, something important happens to her.
  2. Uncle John Has Come to Stay: Uncle John goes to his brother’s house for a temporary visit in the city. He soon outstays his welcome. Read this intermediate short story and find out what happens.
  3. Don’t Go There: This is a heartbreaking story about two women whose lives are about to change in a way that they have never imagined before. It is also a story of tough decisions and haunting memories. You can study different types of Modal Verbs and the Imperative Form with this text.
  4. The Pinnacle of Irresponsibility: Lawrence Gondwe is a Senior Accountant for a private firm. He is 35 years old. He lives in a middle-class suburb of Blantyre with his wife, children, dependents and a maid. He does not like to talk about his past. One morning, he wakes up to an unpleasant surprise. There is a boy in his yard who claims to be a long-lost relative. The night guard thinks otherwise. Did the boy come on his own or was he sent by somebody? What will Lawrence do? Read this thought-provoking short story to find out ($2,99). Buy it here in ePub, Mobi and PDF formats. Worksheets are not included in these versions.
  5. The Departure Lounge: Airports are busy places. Airport patrons are busier. Grace is a quite and timid 23-year-old student on her way back to Paris. She doesn’t like travelling. A hot afternoon, a surly guard, a chance encounter and a dose of courage. What does it take for a young woman to change in an irrevocable way? ($2,99). Buy it here in ePub, Mobi and PDF formats. Worksheets are not included in these versions.