Advanced short stories (B1- B2)

Advanced short stories (B1-B2)

These are Advanced level short stories and are suitable for learners with a good command of written English.

Each story comes with a Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary worksheet containing both explicit and implicit levels of meaning.

  1. Outbound: A story about a son who has decided to leave home to try his luck abroad. How do you talk about the pain of a mother who is about to lose her only son? How do you talk about the anguish that grips a family when they are in the midst of a shattering storm? Read more to find out.
  2. Don’t Go There: This is a heartbreaking story about two women whose lives are about to change in a way that they have never imagined before. It is also a story of tough decisions and haunting memories. You can study different types of Modal Verbs and the Imperative Form with this text.
  3. Mangoes for Lydia: Lydia has always dreamed of seeing Lake Malawi. When her family finally has the opportunity to visit the Great Lake, a decision is made not to take the teenage girl with them. How does Lydia react to this injustice?
  4. My Daughter from France: This is a story about Tamara, a Malawian girl, who lives in France. She loves her new life despite its difficulties and has done everything possible to fit into the mould. After five years, she is able to reunite with her family in rural Malawi. Her father is worried about her stay in a land so far away from her ancestors. He would like his daughter to remain in the village. How can these two generations reconcile their differences?
  5. The Pinnacle of Irresponsibility: Lawrence Gondwe is a Senior Accountant for a private firm. He is 35 years old. He lives in a middle-class suburb of Blantyre with his wife, children, dependents and a maid. He does not like to talk about his past. One morning, he wakes up to an unpleasant surprise. There is a boy in his yard who claims to be a long-lost relative. The night guard thinks otherwise. Did the boy come on his own or was he sent by somebody? What will Lawrence do? Read this thought-provoking short story to find out ($2,99). Buy it here in ePub, Mobi and PDF formats. Worksheets are not included in these versions.
  6. The Departure Lounge: Airports are busy places. Airport patrons are busier. Grace is a quite and timid 23-year-old student on her way back to Paris. She doesn’t like travelling. A hot afternoon, a surly guard, a chance encounter and a dose of courage. What does it take for a young woman to change in an irrevocable way? ($2,99). Buy it here in ePub, Mobi and PDF formats. Worksheets are not included in these versions.