Quiz: How well do you know Africa? (Part Two)

Quiz: How well do you know Africa (Part Two)

Have more fun with this new quiz. How much do you know about your favourite African artists? Where are they from? What are their other occupations? How many awards have they won? Do they do something else apart from singing?

Here is a precious occasion to test your knowledge and learn more about these talented musicians at the same time! You will also be able to download their short biographies at the end of the quiz. Don’t forget to pay attention to the way the Interrogative Form has been used in context.

You can find the video version of the quiz at the bottom of this page.

Now let’s not waste time, here comes the first question. Get ready!


1. What is Oliver Mtukudzi’s nickname on stage?

Quiz-Oliver Mtukudzi, 'A prolific Recording Artist'. Image from http://nehandaradio.com (Learn English With Africa)
Oliver Mtukudzi, ‘A prolific Recording Artist’. Image from http://nehandaradio.com



2. Is Lucius Banda a Zambian artist?

Quiz-Soldier Lucius Banda, 'The Voice of the Poor'. Image from http://www.malawivoice.com (Learn English With Africa)
Soldier Lucius Banda, ‘The Voice of the Poor’. Image from http://www.malawivoice.com

3. Which of these artists has collaborated with Amadou & Mariam?

Quiz-Amadou & Mariam, 'The blind couple from Mali'. Image from http://www.konnectafrica.net (Learn English With Africa)
Amadou & Mariam, ‘The blind couple from Mali’. Image from http://www.konnectafrica.net

4. How many awards has Zahara won so far?

Quiz-Zahara, 'The Blooming Flower'. Image from http://alchetron.com (Learn English With Africa)
Zahara, ‘The Blooming Flower’. Image from http://alchetron.com

5. What else does Salif Keita do apart from singing?

Quiz-Salif Keita, ' The Golden Voice of Africa'. Image from http://malijet.com(Learn English With Africa)
Salif Keita, ‘ The Golden Voice of Africa’. Image from http://malijet.com

6. What awards has Anjélique Kidjo won in her musical career?

Africa's Premier Diva, Anjélique Kidjo, image from http://www.melbournerecital.com.au/-Quiz (Learn English With Africa)
Anjélique Kidjo, image from http://www.melbournerecital.com.au/



7. How many albums has Khaled sold worldwide?

Quiz-Khaled, 'The King of Raï'. Image from http://www.npr.org/(Learn English With Africa)
Khaled, ‘The King of Raï’. Image from http://www.npr.org/

8. Was Wambali Mkandawire the first African to win the WIPO Award for Creativity?

Quiz-Wambali Mkandawire, ''The servant'. Image from http://wambalimkandawire.com(Learn English With Africa)-African artists
Wambali Mkandawire, ”The servant’. Image from http://wambalimkandawire.com

9. Who was Lucky Dube’s main inspiration?

Quiz- Lucky Dube, 'Africa's Reggae King'. Image from http://wildharemusic.com (Learn English With Africa)
Lucky Dube, ‘Africa’s Reggae King’. Image from http://wildharemusic.com

10. Where did Cesária Évora come from?

Cesária Évora, Cape Verdean legendary singer. Image from http://www.ourplanet.com
Cesária Évora, the ‘Queen of Morna’. Image from http://www.ourplanet.com



11. What famous hit made Manu Dibango known internationally?

Quiz-Manu Dibango, ‘The Lion of Africa’. Image from http://alchetron.com (Learn English With Africa)-African artists
Manu Dibango, ‘The Lion of Africa’. Image from http://alchetron.com

12. Did Brenda Fassie sing ‘Memeza’?

Quiz-Brenda Fassie, 'The Queen of African Pop'. Image from http://www.destinyconnect.com(Learn English With Africa)
Brenda Fassie, ‘The Queen of African Pop’. Image from http://www.destinyconnect.com

13. When was Youssou N’Dour born?

Quiz-Youssou N'Dour, 'Le Pitit Prince de Dakar'. Image from https://theculturetrip.com(Learn English With Africa)
Youssou N’Dour, ‘Le Pitit Prince de Dakar’. Image from https://theculturetrip.com

14. What music genre was Grace Chinga known for?

Quiz-Grace Chinga, 'The Gospel Queen'. Image from http://nyimbozathu.com(Learn English With Africa)
Grace Chinga, ‘The Gospel Queen’. Image from http://nyimbozathu.com

15. Whose son is Femi Kuti?

Quiz-Femi Kuti, 'The Prince of Afrobeat'. Image from http://www.olisa.tv
Femi Kuti, ‘The Prince of Afrobeat’. Image from http://www.olisa.tv

16. Why did South African legendary singer, Miriam Makeba, receive international passports from nine countries?

Quiz-Miriam Makeba, 'Mama Africa'. Image from http://www.polarmusicprize.org(Learn English With Africa)
Miriam Makeba, ‘Mama Africa’. Image from http://www.polarmusicprize.org

17. Which languages does Johnny Clegg mostly use in his songs?

Quiz-Johnny Clegg, 'The African Zulu'. Image from http://www.pharside.co.uk
Johnny Clegg, ‘The African Zulu’. Image from http://www.pharside.co.uk

18. In what popular film did Papa Wemba star?

Quiz-Papa Wemba,'The King of Rhumba'. Image from https://kiss100.co.ke(Learn English With Africa)
Papa Wemba,’The King of Rhumba’. Image from https://kiss100.co.ke

19. Who was Fela Kuti?

Fela Kuti, ‘The Black President’. Image from http://www.thebeat1036.com/



20. What instruments does Hugh Masekela play?

Quiz- Hugh Masekela, 'A world acclaimed artist'. Image from https://www.theguardian.com (Learn English With Africa)
Hugh Masekela, ‘A world acclaimed artist’. Image from https://www.theguardian.com

21. Does Yvonne Chaka Chaka also do humanitarian work?

Quiz-Yvonne Chaka Chaka, 'The Princess of Africa'. Image from http://empirefmonline.com(Learn English With Africa)
Yvonne Chaka Chaka, ‘The Princess of Africa’. Image from http://empirefmonline.com


Quiz: Do you remember the artists’ full names?

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