Inspirational quotes for self-acceptance and self-sufficiency

Quotes for inspiration

In life, it is easy to get lost in the unnecessary, in the not so useful, in mundane activities, in trivialities.

Here are a few quotes to remind ourselves of  what is really important in life. And why not learn a few English words at the same time?

#1: Accept yourself

Inspirational Quote-Accept Yourself, Learn English With Africa, September 2017

Let us use our energy to build, construct, create and add value to our own lives. Running after drafts of cold air will usually lead us nowhere.

Self-acceptance is so essential in life. And it is free!

#2: Invest your time in good friendships

Friendship-The Benefits of Having Few Friends, Learn English With Africa, September 2017

We can choose to invest our resources in meaningful friendships where everyone has an equal footing or we can mire ourselves into endless traps.

Do not beg; do not whine; do not compromise your values.

Life is just too short to tolerate this.

#3: Do not waste your time

Don't waste your time-Of Questions and Answers, Learn English With Africa, September 2017

It is better to know the truth than remain in the dark. It is not easy to hear the truth but it is worth hearing it.

Once you know the truth, you can take action.

Waiting is gruesome and it serves no purpose at all. Most of the times.

#4: You are talented

About being talented-Celebrate Yourself, Learn English With Africa, September 2017

We are all born with talents. What is hard is to find them.

We can use our time to find our hidden gifts or we can waste it on clapping hands for other people.

We choose the first solution. It is much more fulfilling!

#5: You are your own hero

Heroism-You are Your Own Hero, Learn English With Africa, September 2017

The hero we are all waiting for is in ourselves. Us, and us alone, can pull ourselves up.

No one will come to wipe our tears when we are in  trouble. We must comfort ourselves first and then ask for help, if there is any.

Otherwise, we must do all what we can to extricate ourselves from any unpleasant situation.

#6: Do your best

Work Hard-Do your Best, Learn English With Africa, September 2017

It is much, much easier to strive for our survival than to wait for others to trickle down their leftovers.

At least we were born with the following features:

  • Two hands
  • Two legs
  • Two ears
  • Two eyes
  • A head to think and a mouth to speak

We can therefore do so much with our lives. We are our own heroes.

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