Greetings: Different ways of saying HELLO and GOODBYE

Could you ever imagine talking to someone without greeting them?


This ritual is an important part of our social life and there are different ways to go about it.

The very choice of our words depends on our moods, attitudes, situations, interlocutors, traditions and origins.

When we greet people, we can show them respect and love. We can also choose to wish them well or spoil their day. We can decide to make them feel good about themselves or completely disregard them.

This is why we have to pick our words and gestures carefully whenever we establish our first contact with anyone, regardless of their age, wealth, race, physical appeal, popularity or background.

Different types of greetings
Different types of greetings from around the world

Here are examples of how people can be greeted.

Different ways of saying hello

These are different ways of saying “hello” from the most informal to the most formal.

How to respond to greetings

The responses we give also depend on the questions we have been asked and the people we are talking to.

Different ways of saying goodbye

Saying goodbye is another important aspect of the “greetings” ritual. We have to make sure that we choose the right words in this situation too. We do not know whether we might see this person again so we need to take care of what we say.

Saying goodbye nicely

We can use the above expressions to say farewell to a beloved one.  These words are more thoughtful and will leave a good impression on the person you love.

Saying goodbye quickly

B, C, D and E are slang words and they are mostly used in informal situations.

See ya= See you later

Gotta go= I have to go

Catch’ya= Catch you later

Talk to ya=Talk to you later

“Adieu” is borrowed from French. It means “farewell”. “Adios” and “Hasta la vista” are of Spanish origin. “Hasta la vista” roughly means “see you later” and “Adios” has the same meaning as “Adieu”.

When the goodbye is all about heartbreak

Goodbyes can also be heartbreaking and we often fall short of words when we want to express our sadness. The above words will surely be of great help.

When we refuse to say goodbye

Sometimes it is difficult to let go of someone. It is even more difficult to find the right words to express what we feel at that moment. Why not try these expressions?

Definite goodbyes

When we say goodbye, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are sure of seeing the person again. In death, we know that the person is gone forever. We are certain. What do we say in such moments?

Saying goodbye happily

Saying goodbye does not always have to be about sadness and grief. We can also say farewell to someone happily and with a lot of enthusiasm! Can you think of other words or expressions?

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