Football vocabulary: wordsearch, quiz and worksheets

Football vocabulary

The Great Sport: How to talk about football (Vocabulary and pictures) Learn English With Africa, July 2016

What words can we use to describe this world sport? Where do we start? What we know is that:

Football entertains.

Football unites.

Football divides.

Football is a legendary sport that is famous worldwide.

Football is a crowdrouser

Football is an equaliser

Football is a great experience

Football is resilience.

Football is our universal language

How much football vocabulary do you know from this list? You can download the worksheet at the bottom of the picture and do the wordsearch. Check the definitions of the words you do not know in a dictionary.

Talking about football: Wordsearch_Football Vocabulary_Learn En glish With Africa, July 2016

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The quiz below will help you memorise the new football vocabulary:

1. In football, the “lineup” is…


2. What does a referee do in a match?


3. What is the small object that the referee uses during a match?


4. Playoffs are…


5. What is the word that we use when a player goes to play for another club?


6. Who is a midfileder?


7. What is the other name for a “fan”?


8. What do we call a player who replaces another player on the field?


9. What does a coach do?


10. What is the standard attire for a football player on the field?


Question 1 of 10


Can you recognise some of the words in the picture below? Do you know all of them? Check in a dictionary to find the definitions of the words you do not understand.

Free English worksheets: Football vocabulary_Learn English With Africa, July 2016

Here are our 20 favourite football expressions:

  • To do one’s best
  • To be a game-changer
  • To let a game flow
  • A memorable match
  • A match that lives long in memory
  • Stoppage time
  • A feverish atmosphere
  • To play a game in the right spirit
  • A glittering career
  • To score a header
  • To produce magic moments
  • To have football intelligence
  • To finish on a high note
  • To perform to one’s potential
  • To produce great performance
  • To break the deadlock
  • To win by the skin of their teeth
  • To clinch a victory

What are your favourite football expressions? 

Now look at the picture below and learn the Adjectives that you can use to describe a football match. Try to make sentences with the new words.

Football Vocabulary: Adjectives for Describing a Football Match_Learn English With Africa

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Can you find other Adjectives?

What other sports do you like?

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