English Grammar in context: HAVE GOT (Simple Present) with captivating dialogue and detailed worksheets

English Grammar: The verb ‘ HAVE GOT’ (Simple Present)

English Worksheets-English Grammar, HAVE GOT, Verb, Learn English With Africa (2), October 2017Read the dialogue below and observe how HAVE GOT has been used in context.

Background: Rachel and her brother, Peter, are in the kitchen. They are preparing the evening’s meal. They have got rice, salad and chicken for supper! 🙂

Peter: Mmmh, the rice smells nice.

Rachel: It does, doesn’t it? I can’t wait to dig my fingers into it!

Peter: Ha, ha, ha, Rachel, you should start using a fork like me. We have got plenty of cutlery in this house.

Rachel: Cutlery? What’s the use of your hands then?

Peter: When I’ve got a job in the future as a manager, I won’t take you to the restaurant. You’ll embarrass me there.

Rachel: You? I’ll take you to a five-star hotel abroad when I become a top model! Just wait and see. I’ve got great plans for myself.

(Peter smiles and checks the chicken stew)

Peter: Rachel, have you got some water? I would like to add some to the stew.

Rachel: Here you are.

(Rachel hands him a glass of cold water. Peter pours a little into the pot.)

Peter: I think I’ll just become a chef. I’ve got some good cooking skills.

Rachel: You’re a great cook my dear brother. In fact, you’ll invite us to your restaurant. Just imagine.

Peter: Wow, just imagine.

Rachel: I’ll bring you some customers.

Peter: Well, well, well sister. That’ll be kind.

(Peter bows. Rachel smiles and thanks him.)

Rachel: We won’t be broke at all.

Peter: I hope so because now you really haven’t got any money!

Rachel: Ha, ha, ha! Peter…

Peter: I’m telling the truth.

Rachel: I know, but I won’t be poor when I grow up. I will not live like a pauper.

English Worksheets-English Grammar, HAVE GOT, Verb, Learn English With Africa (1), October 2017

Peter: Pauper…Where did you read that? Rachel, don’t use words you don’t know.

Rachel: Peter, you should read some books. Don’t just play in the dust like an uneducated savage.

Peter: Rachel…I look more educated than you do. I haven’t got any eyeglasses but I still look intelligent. See…

Rachel: Hi, hi, hi, Peter…

Peter: Rachel, could you pass me the cabbage? I think I can start making the salad now.

Rachel: Oh, maybe not now. We should wait for mum to come back from the hospital.

Peter: Didn’t she call you?

Rachel: No, I haven’t got any news. I hope everything is fine.

Peter: I hope Auntie gets better soon. She’s a solid woman.

Rachel: She is and she has got a fierce character.

Peter: Ooooooh, do you remember the day when she beat up that foolish vendor at the market?

Rachel: I remember Peter! How can I forget! Iii, Auntie is a case. No one could mess up with her in those days.

Peter: No, they couldn’t.

Rachel: The vendor was actually crying aloud like a baby.

Peter: He was. I hope Auntie recovers her strength though. You can barely recognise her now.

( Rachel claps her hands once in agreement)

Rachel: No, you can’t. I hope she gets better too. I would like to see her running in the streets as she used to, screaming on top of her voice. She is one hell of a woman, Auntie, she is. I want to be like her one day.

Peter: I’ll be proud of you but don’t use your karate skills on me, ok?

(Rachel kicks into the air. Peter pretends to run.)

Rachel: See, don’t worry, I won’t. Come back Peter! You don’t want to feed your customers with burnt food, do you?

English Worksheets-English Grammar, HAVE GOT, Verb, Learn English With Africa (3), October 2017

 (Peter comes back. He takes the lid off the rice pot with his left hand. On the right hand, he has got a fork which he will use to taste the rice.)

Rachel: Hey Peter, don’t finish all the food. We haven’t got bags of rice to feed the whole city.

Peter: Hey Rachel, a chef has to taste the food he prepares. How will the chef know that his food is first class if he doesn’t taste it?

Rachel: But you’re not a chef yet.

Peter: And you aren’t a food critic yet…

Rachel: He, he, he! Food critic? Where did you get that expression?

(Peter has a smug smile on his face.)

Peter: I’m an avid reader you know!

Rachel: Avid…You’ll bite your tongue off with all those strange words.

Peter: Take it easy sister…

English Worksheets-English Grammar, HAVE GOT, Verb, Learn English With Africa (4), October 2017

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