Short stories

You are most welcome to send us your short stories. The submission guidelines below should give you an idea of what we look for.

  • Stories should be set in Africa or deal with issues about Africa.
  • Stories can have between 500 and 2000 words. Longer works might be considered if we publish them in series.
  • Please submit the best version of your work. Pay attention to grammar and punctuation. The result will be satisfactory not only for the publisher, but for the readers as well.
  • Your work should be easy for the eye so check the spacing and the font you are using. Times New Roman usually works well but Calibri or Cambria might also do.
  • The stories are meant to be read by learners of English. Make sure that your stories are suitable for such a readership.
  • If you are a registerd user, you can subimt your work using the form below. If not, you can send us your work to We prefer Microsoft Word documents.

We really look forward to reading all those stories and hope that they will not be the last ones you will send us.

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