Other (songs, cartoons, etc)

Apart from well-researched articles and beautifully-written short stories, we are also looking for songs and cartoons that might help in the studying of English in relation to Africa.

We are unable to pay you for such work but we will send you an email with abundant thanks for your contribution to this project!

These forms of art offer the advantage of being short and easily accessible to learners of the English language. Besides, they are also a more interesting way of introducing difficult subjects that would appear incomprehensible to students if presented to them in the traditional written form.

The themes should be African of course and you can tackle different subjects such as development, politics, health, science, education, entertainment and lifestyle.

Additionally, the content should be adapted to learning  and teaching purposes.

Don’t forget to attach a picture to your work for better results.

Thank you in advance for your contribution and looking forward to your submission. You can send your work by email to learnenglishwithafrica@gmail.com or you can use the form below if you are a registered user of this website.

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