Different types of courses are available for all ages and budgets: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

The lessons are adapted to your level  and interests. They take place in Wilanow, Warsaw, near the Palace Museum. The neighbourhood is welcoming, quiet and safe.

List of courses

#1: Conversational English for Couples

 English for couples: memory Game
Memory Game to learn new vocabulary about jobs

This is an interesting and fun way of learning English with your partner. The lessons are tailored to your needs. You choose the topics that you want to work on and we advance at your own pace.

Learning is mostly done through games.

#2: Learn English with Friends

Learn English With Friends
Tasting the best of both worlds

Bring your best friend along and spend one hour or two learning English. Share your interests and passions while improving your speaking and writing skills.

#3: Learn More About Africa

This course if for people who are curious about Africa and would love to know more about this vast continent. The lessons cover basic geographical, historical, political and cultural elements.

#4: Conversational English for Travellers to Africa

Are you going away on a trip to an English-speaking country in Africa and you would like to know the basics about this place? This course is perfect for you.

After 10 lessons, you will have basic knowledge of common expressions that you will need for communication. You will also learn about the main cultural elements of the place you are visiting.

#5: Learn English with African Cuisine

Learn English With Cooking: Boiled potatoes, raw beetroot salad, groundnuts and omelette
Boiled potatoes, raw beetroot salad, groundnuts and omelette

If you love cooking and trying out different recipes, then this course will suit your needs.

You will learn to cook African meals while sharing your own secrets about food and drinks in general.

The ambiance during lessons is great and stress-free.

#6: Learn English with Music and Dances

Music and dance are an excellent way of learning a language.

Discover new artists and talk about your favourite songs, singers, musicians and dancers.

You will also learn basic moves in African dance in a nice and welcoming atmosphere.

#7: Grammar workshops

Natural and healthy African food ingredients
Free colourful and creative worksheets that encourage learning

We also conduct Grammar Workshops for all levels throughout the year. We provide free learning materials for the courses, which include creative worksheets and podcasts.


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