Learn English With Africa.

People are startled when they hear this name for the first time. Learn English With Africa?

In fact, we should be surprised that Africa is not associated with language learning in the first place.

Nigeria boasts of more than 250 ethnic languages. South Africa counts 11 official languages (Yes, 11). There are at least 10 languages that are spoken in the small country of Malawi alone on a daily basis. English is just one of them.

The truth is these countries are not exceptions at all.

It is very common for an African to be at least bilingual from an early age.

Usually, the child learns his or her mother tongue at home depending on which tribe he or she comes from.  It is also not rare to use a different language with friends since the parents might not speak the local language. English, French or Portuguese are picked at school as languages of instruction.

This is why everywhere you go, you will find Africans speaking the languages of the places where they live: Chinese, German, Flemish, Italian, Pashto and Nepali just to mention a few.

I speak Chichewa, Chitumbuka, English and learnt Italian, French and Polish as an adult in Europe. There is certainly a lot to be shared about these different types of experiences, especially when a lot of time and money is being wasted on “language courses” that bear no results at all.

Why not learn from the best?

What makes us different?

# 1: We respect the learner

Students are given all the attention they deserve for we know that they are not “mere customers” but human beings who want to communicate with other people using a different language.

# 2: We value education

We know that education is a luxury-not many people have access to it. Therefore, we do not waste students’ time and money: lessons are well prepared in advance and learning time is maximised.

# 3: We aim for results

We are aware that students want to learn English and they want to do it fast and well. We help them achieve their goals by providing an excellent learning environment and encouraging them throughout the course.

# 4:  We live by creativity and passion

We believe that students are able to express themselves fully when they are dealing with a subject that they love. Lessons are always adapted to learners’ interests and class time is often dedicated to the expression of such interests.

# 5: We value different cultures

We know that language learning is not just about communication. To communicate, we need to understand the other, where he or she is coming from. Lessons are thus great opportunities to share different aspects of our cultures. The more we understand, the better we communicate.

Adjectives for describing houses
Adjectives for describing African houses

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Thandi Ngwira Gatignol, founder, Learn English With Africa.

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