A job is a job

A job is a job: Song with lyrics.

Learn different ways of talking about jobs as we celebrate Labour Day and workers’ achievements.

Sing along and do not forget to have fun!

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A job is a job

And this is what I know

In Malawi, Uganda

A job is a job

In Malaysia, Sri Lanka

A job is a job

A job is a job

And this is what I know × 2

We indeed spend most of our days at school and at work.

It is important to have a good learning and working environment.

It is vital that we do tasks that are both meaningful and fulfilling.

It is essential to have goals that are attainable and that bring a real contribution to our lives.

When we do the things that we love, work becomes easier (or at least bearable) and we are sure of living a life that is  closer to our truest selves and our purpose on earth.

Work that is driven by passion is gratifying, even if we do not earn a lot of good grades or money from it.

Nothing is worse than drifting aimlessly through one’s existence and expecting stagnating situations to change on their own.

Things always turn out well in the end.

For a job is a job and it will always remain JUST a job!

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